How do i move the character upwards?

I am trying to animate a jump and i want to know how i move the character upwards anybody know how i shall do it?

Select the Root Bone (the first one created) in Pose mode and Grab and Keyframe it.


I can’t my first bone is a spine and it’s used for bending so shall i use the master bone then? But it doesen’t work.

Maybe i didn’t explain good enough i want the character to be moved like an animation upwards.

For a releastic looking jump ,… and to make it easier to animate, your character should have IK legs/feet.

If you don’t have IK legs (which I’m guessing mght be thecase with your character), it will be much harder to animate this… but if it’s for the game engine, you don’t really have a choice, as IK (or any other constraints) aren’t supported.

Using the “Ludwig” character for example, you’d animate the Torso bone moving down then up. When the bone is moved far enough upwards, the legs and feet will follow, just as in a realistic human biped. The IK leg setup keeps the feet planted on the floor while the torso bone is being moved downwards from it’s start position.

If this IS for the game engine and you have an “all FK rig” … i.e. you didn’t add any constraints to your rig …

In any kind of rig setup, selecting all of the bones (“a”) in POSE mode will let you move all the bones at once.

In POSE mode :

  • arrange your character’s bones in a neutral position or whatver positoin you want preparing for the jump, keyframe all the bones.

  • select all your bones (“a”) and move the character down until it’s feet are below the floor.

  • rotate the leg bones until the feet are back up on floor, i.e. a crouched /squatting position

– key all the bones (“I” loc/rot)

  • move forward a few frames, select all the bones and move them all up a bit, “stretch out” the legs so that the feet are still on the floor

… repeat that a few times until the character is fully “stretched out”.

  • move forward a few more frames, select all the bones and move the character up unti it’s “airborne”

  • move forward a couple of frames and key all the bones again … to simulate “holding” the position.

  • move forward more frames and either reverse your previous animations … or you can duplicate y an entire “column” of action keys in the action editor and move them into position. … repeat until the character is back on the ground … and back in the netural position … or whatever position you want after the jump.


Thanks alot man for taking the time to explain that good it works now thanks again :)!