How do I move two opposite vertices inwards?

How do I move two opposite vertices (Bone ends) inwards? Please see image. Usually I use ‘Scale, X’ and it moves the object inwards, however it does not seem to work in with bone ends.
I know I could use mirror here, but CBA with the fathing around and wondered if there was a more simple method.

I would just do transform X on the one vert at a specific value (like 0.1), then a negative of that same value (-0.1) on the other one… that has to work, right?

If you name your bone with something like.
clacicule_R and clavicule_L . It could use the mirror option. So you ll be able to apply automatically your transformation on the other side.

Scaling should work though. I wonder why it doesn’t for you.

Perhaps he is setted to individual origin.

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