How do I optimize Blender 2.9 for my Dell Latitude E5470

Hello all,
I have a Dell Latitude E5470 laptop with 32 gb of memory, an Intel Core i5 6300 CPU (2.30 GHz), and an Intel HD Graphics 530 GPU. Blender 2.90 runs fine when I start it, but it doesn’t take many vertices or objects in a scene for it to start slowing down. The biggest problem is that I have to wait for a few seconds after clicking before an object is actually selected. Does anybody know how I might optimize Blender to run faster? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Are you starting from scratch and modeling stuff and it slowly gets slower, or are you opening blend files that were created on another system? The multiple second select delay was a thing during 2.80 development IIRC when you had very large numbers of objects, and particles counted as objects so a big active particle system would cause this problem. I think that got resolved for normal cases at least.

I don’t know of any magic settings changes or system settings that will make things better.

You might try different Blender versions to make sure it’s not a new 2.90 issue affecting older (but theoretically supported) Intel integrated graphics. And you can always try 2.79 :slight_smile:

You can try starting blender using the included blender_debug_gpu_glitchworkaround script/.bat but I don’t know if that’s potentially useful or not.

If you have a simple reproducible example of the multi-second select delay it might be worth submitting it as a bug report to be looked at.

Thanks for the reply Zoot!
Yes, I am starting from scratch. Thanks, I will try these suggestions.

This is weird…
It seems to get slower as I work on a file, then when I close and reopen it, it operates just fine.