How do I overlay one texture over another on the same mesh?

I imported a model of a Halo: Reach elite, and through trial and error of getting the textures to work, accidentally discovered that converting the textures to .jpg gives you the base textures, while converting to .png gives you the textures used to color the armor. Examples:

Problem is, I don’t seem to be overlaying the texture correctly. I put a screenshot of the node tree for the armor’s material below. Can anyone tell where I went wrong here?

A: Base .jpg image
B: Normal map
C: Specular map (I don’t know if this is set up correctly either, but it’s not that important)
D: Overlaying .png image

Hi, I would do it like this. It works but i don’t know if it is the best solution.
So lets begin :smiley:
To the factor of mix node where you mix two textures, put Attribute node and write there “Col”
Then Change from Object Mode to Vertex Paint and just paint with black color places where you want the second texture to overlay
You can control of how much the texture overlays by using some gray colors

I hope you understand what im trying to say :smiley:
Good luck

BTW, i think that this is the same texture, png has just transparent background, so you don’t need to mix them. But let’s wait for experts :smiley:

They’re definitely different. The .png image specifically removes the parts of the armor that aren’t affected by changes to armor color ingame.

and 3D View > Shift Z

That works great, thank you very much! :slight_smile:

Need to save that one :smiley: