How do i play a ISO file game?

Hello :slight_smile:

There is a game i would like to play, but for whatever reason, it plays extremely slowly when running it off the disc. With some searching around people say that it’s because the disc can’t spin fast enough for the game to read at the right speed or something?

anyway it was like playing the game at 3x slow motion or so.

My brother created an ISO file of it for me, which as far as i understand it’s the game itself just as a saveable file.
Now when he did this for me i was on a different computer months ago. and that computer is busted now but i’d like to play the game and i have zero memory of how to actually play the file.
But when he got it up and running on the old computer at ran perfectly and beautifully.

Something about mounting it to a Fake drive i chose the letter for…but that’s really all i remember.

For anyone wondering, this game is Phantasy Star Universe…

and from my tinkering around i can mount it to a drive, install the game, but then after that if i try and open it i get an error in Chinese letters and it closes :confused:

Could i just ask for perhaps a step by step of what program and steps i need to get it running if anyone has the time? :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks so much ^-^

look for virtual drive and similar software
Or burn it to a CD/DVD

I use

Simply download, install may require you to restart your PC after you have installed then you simply right click your ISO and click mount. Head over to My computer/This PC and you will see a virtual drive with your ISO on it, ready to play/install, which emulates a CD.

Hmm, it must be a problem with the game… looking around some more i’m seeing many people have had the same problem and that it’s an issue with the gameguard it uses to open… and i know how stupid gameguard is…

Thanks for the links though :slight_smile: that will help in the future should i ever get other iso files off old games.