How do I properly delete things from a scene?

I right mouse click the scene collection and choose delete hierarchy. It deletes the mesh but seems to leave other things associated with that item such as textures.

When I go to pack the files for transporting, I get this when saving…

The screen shot is showing Blender trying to pack images from a character that was used for scale. I am not sure why these textures will not pack, maybe its a copyright thing from Reallusion… IDK. So I remove the character from the scene but as you can see… the textures are still in the file and I am still getting that error

I have tried every link under File/Cleanup… but these items still remain or at least their info is still being stored somewhere.

How do I strip a Blender file of things that are no longer in the scene?


If you switch your outliner to DNA view, you can see all the data blocks and delete them by setting users to zero and turning off fake user, it’s a bit of pain though since you have to do it one by one

I have been getting a lot of use out of the “export to blend” addon. You select everything you want, then export. The new file is then completely clean of everything that was unselected.

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How do I do this? Sorry, I’m new.

Another plug in… My sidebar cannot handle another plugin LMAO!!! Is this done through selecting items in the scene or from a list?

Blender lags on opening from all the plugins I have. I think I have too many… but they do help the learning curve for newbies like me. :slight_smile:

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It’s not in the N panel. It’s in the file menu with the other import/exporters. :slight_smile:

If you want to clean up your sidebar, use this:

Got both of them… Thanks! :slight_smile:

I think the developers of Blender should look into this… When you delete something from a scene, it should delete all associated items with it. Make life simple :smiley:

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