How do I put a reference image I can select colors from in Texture Paint

I am painting my dog model in the Texture Paint Window. Is there a way to open another window to hold a JPG or PNG file of a dog photograph where I can use the “S” key to select colors to paint on the model?



In your image editor.

Or images as planes and directly into yr scene.

Hope that helps

Hi Alpha,

I don’t seem to have that last option under File>Import.

Right now I solved it in a workaround by going back to the Layout Tab and importing a background image in the front view and scaling it up. Then I open a small window and set it to 3D Viewport and put it in Front view. That seems to work.

But when I have the window set as Image Editor and to “Open” and navigate to my JPG and select it, nothing shows in the Image Editor Window.

Thanks for replying…

Image as planes is an addon included in Blender, go to prefs and enable it.

Your other problem sounds odd.

Screenshot may help