How do I put Hair in the BGE?

I know that there is a way to use particles to put in hair and to make grass and things like that but It doesn’t work in BGE. I am using blender 2.5 and would like to know how to put hair on a sphere head? I am kind of new so please explain easily. I would like it to be able to flow around like in the wind and be affected by gravity.

I don’t think you can. You could always get a hair texture with alpha inbetween each strand and model 2d hair.

There’s no way to do particle hair without converting the particles into a mesh (which might be a huge slowdown, and so it’s generally better to work with planes, like cam.dudes said). Alpha-mapped planes make good effects (most games don’t use particle hair - they use planes, too).

If you still want to use particles, then when you have the particles looking the way you want, head to the modifiers tab and convert the particle system to a 3D mesh with the Convert button. That should render in the BGE.

Ok thanks but is there a way to make the alpha mapped plane flow like hair? And one other quick question How do I mirror an armature for a character to make the bones on both sides perfect without having to make each side?

center your cursor and press period and depending on your location hit: s (x,y, or z) -1, this will mirror your armature. If you go down to the armature menu you can also flip the bones names so that they are opposite and not copies so: hand.L would = hand.R

The best you can do to mirror bones is to complete one half of the armature then duplicate it and scale on the X axis by -1.
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While you’re making the armature, I was sure you could shift-E and it extruded symmetrically.

This is a good tutorial on polygon hair:

It’s worth noting that polygon hair can be a very tedious and time consuming process, but it tends to give nice results.

You could also consider modeling the hair as one continuous mesh and texturing the “hair” in - this would be easiest on the player’s system. Also if your character had a ponytail for example, it would be very easy to animate- you could just do it with a bone.

I was wondering about dynamic hair yesterday actually. Has anyone had any luck using soft body physics for game character hair? From the research I’ve done, it isn’t very easy to pin part of the hair to the character, but I think it can be done.