How do i recreate these flowing jacket in Blender?

im doing some david martinez fanart on top of a vehicle and i cant seem to recreate the jacket flowing.

i tried doing the ff:

  • i rigged the clothes
  • mesh deform with a cube/lattice method
  • in sculpting mode, i masked the arms and grab the lower part of jacket.
  • wind and cloth simulation

any more ideas? Thanks!

Instead of MeshDeform (which is made to work in volume) try Surface Deform with very simple lowpoly “proxy” mesh for lower part of the jacket. (Also, create a vertex group for the lower jacket). After the modifier is initialized, create a shape key on a proxy mesh and pose it in Edit mode (If Surface Deform fails to initialize, triangulate the "proxy)

Alternatively, there is Cloth brush and Cloth Filter utility in Sculpt mode. Lets you pose cloth without setting up simulation, though I do not have much experience with it

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Hello! thanks for the response!

i tried that surface deform but the jacket is too open to get it right (like meshdeform) haha but i tried the cloth brush you mentioned and somehow i kind of nailed it. the only disadvantage is, i have to separate the parts and manually realign them all. but it works!! i know about the cloth brush tho but didnt explore enough and it has these deep mechanics xD

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I’m glad it worked out one way or another