How do I reduce a cylinder faces?

I’m sure i’m missing something obvious I’m overlooking but I can’t seem to find what I need…

All I want to do is reduce the faces on a cylinder. The tutorial I’m following, says that you can reduce the cylinder faces in through the Tool Shelf (here’s a link to the tutorial image: ). So, with the cylinder selected, I press t, and check the Tool Shelf but I’m not seeing anything where to edit the vertices or faces. Below is a screenshot of what I’m seeing. If anyone can point out what i’m overlooking that would be great.

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press F6 after add mesh cylinder

Good Afternoon mindsize,

I have registered this on this website to lean blender. This is my first reply on this forum to reply to your query. Here is what you do,

  1. Select your cursor position on 3d Window to add Circle Object.
  2. Press Shift + A to add your Circle object from the mesh menu.
  3. You will see that Circle object is placed on your desire position and its still selected so all you have to do is make sure you have your tool box window which is on the left side by default. (If you can’t see you can get it by pressing T on keyboard).
  4. you have to just change the vertices number in the options for Add Cylinder and it will reflect the change on the 3D window.
  5. Check the image below.


Those options are only accessible when you first add a new object to the scene

Hey, Thanks PyroGXPilot. F6 gave me all the options I was looking for.