How do I render and show the image?

Whenever I render, the image doesn’t show. I selected an image and loaded a jpg, why won’t it work?

Could you provide some more details, please? Are you trying to render an image texture that you loaded? Or do you have a scene that you want to render as a jpg? What is the scene like?

It’s just a texture jpg that I loaded from my computer.

Well there could be a tone of reasons why your texture isn’t showing up. The most common is that it is showing up, but is mapped weird and so you can’t see it. Try changing where the camera is and rendering a couple more times to see if you can find where it is showing up.

Also, make sure that Blender is recognizing the image. Go to the textures window and make sure that your image is actually showing up in the textures and materials part.

If no textures at all are rendering, go to the rendering panel and in the “output” tab is a “disable te” button, which is disable all textures for rending. If this is enabled, you won’t have any luck with getting a texture to show. For anything more specific we still need some more details as to the problem, the more specific the better.