How do i render my game?

Im am quite new to Blender. I have made a basic game but when i save it the detail is very poor. When i use blender render, the textures etc are added so the detail is good, but when i save the game as an .exe and play it the textures etc are missing(the console says it cannot locate them). Can anyone help me with this?

You have to pack textures and compress file before you save your game.
And in UV image editor click on: ‘pack this image’

or you could do File —> Pack Data. You press P to play the games inside blender, you do not render them.

Thanks i did that and the textures appear but it still looks awfull, is their a way i can get it to look as good in the game as it does in render?

You can always UVunwrap your object then make textures in a paint program and assign faces to the textures in the UV window.

Remember, crappy textures will make for crappy graphics.

Ya, you have to remember that in the game engine, a scene is rendered at MANY frames per second, rather than minutes per frame. Add in physics calculations and the computer just can’t make it look as good in realtime. That’s why you have to fake it with textures and shaders to give the illusion of an object being more complex than it actually is. If your good at rendering scenes, you might render images of different sides of your object, and then apply those images as textures to a low-poly version of the same model. I like making the low-poly object first, and then duplicating it and adding more detail and materials to the duplicate to render it on a different layer. Render it with an orthographic camera, and when the low-poly model is textured correctly, delete everything else. This way you can get realism from an actual rendering, rather than using an outside program. Of course, you sometimes need outside images to incorporate into the rendering. Hope that helps.

Magnum Opus, that was the best worded reply that I’ve seen in a while.

You have to bake your renders to the objects texture to use them that way. Thats easy though as the computer does all the work for you.

I have to advise to only bake the lighting for baking the whole level to a single UVmap.

If you have highres procedurals throughout the whole level you want to bake so you get good detail in a large level your bake texture will have to be larger then your computer will be able to handle.