How do I render this 20th Century Fox remake correctly?

Lately I’ve been experimenting with a 20th Century Fox logo I had on my computer, but I am starting to have problems rendering it.
This is what it should be:
(the top-left is the one)
While what I render (in Eevee) is this:

The sky is just black.
Here is another render (also in Eevee) of a different angle:
Most (if not all) of the signs are white boxes, and the News Corp. byline is visible.
Is there any way to render the model so that there is a background and signs?
Blend on,


Hello and welcome !

Did you try to add a plane with a sky texture on it ?
That plane can use an emission shader so it will always emit light…

Am I missing something obvious here ?

The Background is inside the 1st .blend file

*or use the material called A_ *
(I just found it)

Use a normal image texture node and not an environment texture…

The cylinder needs to be UV unwrapped and the texture applied… use texture as color and also plug into emissive/ strength of about 2…( the Normals also need to be reversed.

Every material needs to be set to Use Nodes…

I haven’t checked the City as there is a problem there, not textured…