How do I resize myslef to fit into the corner of the video (video editing question)

So, I have kind of a stock video of myself driving a car that I made around in BeamNG, that’s in the background.

In the foreground is me, I did that video in front of a green screen, did the whole compositing thing to cut out the green screen and rendered it as images.

So I’m out of the compositor, and back in the editor now with my various video and audio clips. Now what I need to do is resize myself and reposition myself into the corner. How do I do that?

So I figured out how to do it in the compositor, but from there I don’t know how to sync up the videos. When working in the compositor, there’s nothing to work with in the video sequencer, which is where I’m used to working. The compositor is somewhat new to me, definitely now as far as video editing goes.

I usually use third-party video editors (open source or otherwise), and I know that these routinely provide “boxing” capability. You simply specify the strip that is to be inserted and draw the box on the screen where it goes. Some software also provides for a “frame” and/or a drop-shadow effect.

I haven’t investigated Blender’s built-in video editor for this …

Yes of course you could use compositing nodes to do this, using two video inputs and describing the boxing-effect using nodes. But, you shouldn’t have to go to the trouble. This is routine, hence it should be easy-peasy with the right tool.

I’ve even seen an app for a phone that engages both the forward-facing camera and the “selfie” camera at the same time, allowing you to capture in real time your reaction to what you are filming. (The result is two video files, IIRC.)

Yeah, I don’t really find this “hard” per-se, there’s just a lack of documentation and tutorials on the subject.

And it might just be because it ends up rendering so slow nobody uses it? I mean, I cant get GPU rendering to work with video, so each frame is taking like 2.4 seconds on average to render, which means if I ever did like a 20 minute video, it would take a day to render.

That is not complicated at all to do it in Video Sequence Editor.

Just select Image Sequence strip and add an Effect Strip for a Transform effect.

And then, in properties of Effect Strip, you have settings to scale, position and/or rotate Image Sequence.

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Now if I could get it to encode on the GPU so this will get done faster…

I’m contemplating learning DaVinchi Resolve for future videos, which kinda sucks because I already know my way around blender, so learning the video editor is just an extension of the 3D modeling side. Learning a whole other video editor…only if I must.

Bingo! I knew that it had to be there in VSE, and that it had to be easy-peasy. I just don’t use that tool very much.

As far as “time” is concerned, video editing always includes a surprisingly compute-intensive step, which they also call “rendering.” You just have to let the software grind its way through it. I’m sure that Resolve would have the same requirement. It appears that there is a lot of compute-heavy work to be done in order to prepare the file for smooth playback on all available equipment. :man_shrugging: