How do I rid of the lighting artifact from triangles?

I’m trying to make a 3d model like this, but there is a lighting artifact caused by the triangles:

Is there any way to remove this lighting artifact? Thanks in advance.

In 2.78 - not easily. In later versions there’s a Weighted Normals modifier that helps get rid of this kind of stuff. You could go around this maybe by transferring normals from another object via the Data Transfer modifier, but that’s kind of tedious to maintain.

It’s a BLENDER 2.78c.

Okay, then is there an alternative way to avoid that lighting artifact? I really don’t want to add edge loops for adding more vertices to make a curved line.

None that I know of.

This looks like it’s caused by the triangles and possibly in turn they have created an ngon. I would see if you can get rid of the triangles and just use a quad.

well clean up your geo more, make sure you dont have nasty ngons, try to make squares as much as possible, turn off automatic smoothing in your geo preferences. clear custom normals attributes and use Meshmachine addon and Machin3 tools. But all this what you show is because your topo is messy, learn how to model for subdivision surface topo flow. today everyone boolean but now one know how to model properly.