How do I rig hair created with the new curves system?

Hello, I have created hair with the new curves system in 3.3.0.
So how do I rig it ?

Example pictures:

Be interesting to hear other views, but my current take on it, is that you don’t. The new hair system is for still images or very short hair that just moves with the underlining surface (think eyebrows or a short haired cat).

The new system currently has no physics or simulation options and no word yet on how or when that will be added (my best guess is maybe Blender 4.0).

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You can hack it with some geo nodes:

I will try to use particles first,- but that for some reason clips trough the mesh.
This is even with hair dynamics quality steps set at 80, and collisions at the same.
I will try to use the hack,- or if that does not work wait for 4.0 :confused:

If anyone wants to take a look,- its located here:

Giving us a solution for motion manipulating long-hair-particles is an issue since forever.
The closest we ever got was the “Hair Shape Key”-AddOn.
…hundreds of years ago

If you have any ‘children’ hairs as part of that particle system, they will clip, since the collision system doesn’t take child hairs into account.

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Yes, but with hair curves you can do that

using by Johnny Matthews

I added a raycast to prevent some glitch. For animation, it might have some snapping effect, but for still image, it won’t be that noticeable

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That sounds like something the developers should fix.