How do I rotate walking animation to multiple angles?

Hello everyone.

I have made a MakeHuman model and wanted to animate him, but I have run into a problem. I have exported motion capture data from *.bvh file. it is a simple running animation. However I wanted to create multiple versions of this animation for running backward, left, right etc. using the same base animation, just changing the degrees the character is turning, so for example when character runs backward it would play animation run backward, that is the same as run forward just rotated 180 degrees on z axis, however when I tried to do this through action editor by inserting keyframes of the previous frames rotated 180 degrees animation became really bad looking. Then I tried to rotate the character 180 degrees along the Z axis in object mode and played the animation. This time though animation was behaving how I wanted.

My question: How can I make new animations from the base "Run Forward’ animation, so that those animations behave as if I have rotated the character model in object mode?

I’ll attach blend file for reference.

mainhero.blend (1.09 MB)

Normally when making a rigged character one creates the very base bone that controls world position and orientation of the character.The file you have don’t have this “main” bone. The rig is parented off from the “hips” bone which is key framed throughout the sequence. So, add a bone in Edit mode by the base of character and call it “main”. Make this “main” bone an parent of“hips” bone. Now all you do (in Pose mode) is to rotate the“main” bone 180 degrees for the animation to run that way. Or for that matter to any direction.