How do I save a sequence editer

(youngbatcat) #1

I know that it is under my nose. But I just don’t know how.
So how do I save a finshed movie from the sequence editer.

And what keys do what in the sequence editer?

Please help/.

(harkyman) #2

You render a sequence created in the sequence editor (SE) by clicking the Do Sequence button in the Render Buttons panel. Then you hit the Anim button. Use your normal animation generation settings, i.e., output a sequence of .tga’s or a raw or mjpg .avi file.

What buttons do what?
As you probably know, Shift-A brings up the list of things to add to your sequence. If there are options available for that portion of the sequence, hitting the N-Key will bring up the dialogue for it.

(theeth) #3

What Harkyman said is pretty accurate, but he forgot one little thing that might cause you some problem. You have to set the Sta and End properties (in the Display Buttons window) to match with what your total sequence (or parts of it), not with your current scene.

Maybe that was obvious, but well…


(youngbatcat) #4

crashes. OSX
Could someone tell me if it works in 2.25 on OSX ?
of cource I don’t have the fifty yet. So I would just like to weigh my
options a little better

(theeth) #5

At what point in the process does it crash?


(youngbatcat) #6

As soon as I press ANIM
poof, beta

(VelikM) #7

I’m using Publisher 2.25 on OS X and haven’t had any problems.The sequence editor renders just fine.

(youngbatcat) #8

YaY just what I wanted to hear