How do I scale this over Y axis without skewing it

So I have the top side of a box. Which is rotated so it looks ‘open’
I need to size it down so it fits the box.
But when I trie scaling it only on the y axis…it starts skewing… I know this has to do with the origin point (which it rotates on)…but Im not sure how to fix it.

Where do I need to set the origin so I can scale it properly on the Y axis and then the Z axis? THe first picture is how it is…and the second is how it skews when I scale it on the y axis… The thirds is a general view and the fourth is the scene…You can see the origin point on the hinge side of the lid.

The easiest thing to do would be to scale the lower piece of the box to the size of the lid, rather than the lid to base. That way you don’t have to worry about skewing.

But, if you scale along a particular axis, you’re always going to get skewing, you can’t avoid it unless you scale it as a whole uniformly.

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If you want to scale on the local y axis you should be able to press s, then y y to go into local.