How do I selected vertices on the opposite side of an object (Through Select)

So… Was typing my thread with good details and then your stupid website logged me out and deleted my post. I lost everything I typed. Ended up punching my 27" monitor. It is now in the garbage, luckily I have another. I haven’t been this angry in about 9 years.

I am so frustrated with trying to make the switch to blender that I want to scream and yell.

I spent 4 years on schooling for Maya. Now I want to learn blender. Why is it so bloody complicated to do the most basic tasks. I can pick up every other piece of software out there and use it in seconds, Cinema 4d, mudbox, Vue, 3ds max… But blender has changed the way EVERYTHING works. Its like having my brain erased and having to learn to walk all over again.

Not withstanding. Lets try this again.

How do you select vertices on the side of the object you cannot see.
Meaning how do you use marquee to drag across an area of your screen to select all vertices within the marquee and NOT just the ones visible to camera.

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There is what’s called “Limit Selection to Visible”. I’d show you a screenshot, but somehow I don’t really want to bother, don’t know why.

Putting the object in wireframe instead of solid does it for me.

HIT z (wireframe) not too hard tho’ :wink:

Yes, Blender is very different. These will help
It also shows many modeling tools but those are just scratching the surface really.

Turn off ‘Limit Selection to Visible’ option on 3d view header

Thank You Stan.
For those who have similar problems in the future, save yourself 300$ and check out this screenshot for the answer.(compliments of Stan Pancakes)