how do I separate part of an object to make into its own object?

ive been creating a building and finding after getting through a lot of it, I should have made some things separately as their own objects, like doors windows. since these are already made and pretty much the building is one single object, is there a way to separate these parts?

In edit mode you can select the vertices/faces that you want to separate (if they are not connected with the rest you can easily accomplish it by selecting one vertex and then hitting Ctrl+L) then hit P -> separate ‘Selection’. The selected parts will be put into a new object.

If all doors, windows etc. are not connected, simply hitting P -> separate ‘By loose parts’ will do all.


Select vertices at the joints between (for instance) the door and the doorframe, or the window and the wall, or the steps and the wall.

Hit ‘v’ to separate. If you don’t want the vertices to move, hit Enter right away.

Once the door or window is completely separated from whatever else, deselect everything, then select (for instance) a door or window by hovering the mouse pointer over some part of it and hitting ‘L.’ The hit ‘p’ to make it into a separate object. You’ll get a pop-up dialog; hit Enter to complete the separation.

How do I make the selections after pressing P for Selection? When I hit P, the etire object turns orange in wireframe view. Am I supose to select the parts I want to separate then? Nothing responds when I right click

In Edit mode, first you select, then you hit P.


Go into edit mode, select all vertices, hit “p”, and click “selected.”