How do I set object to rotate around object origin in edit mode?

I have no problem in getting an object to rotate around it’s origin while in object mode. Is there a way to achieve this in edit mode? My object seems to rotate around it’s center of mass while in edit mode.

Thanks for any help with this…

Select the object
In object mode use Shift+S / Cursor to Selected
Press (.) period key or select the 3d cursor to be the pivot point from the drop down list on the 3d view header

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Below is the screenGrab. I want the object to rotate around it’s origin in edit mode. The cursor and the origin are at 0,0,0. I moved the object up in edit mode to keep the origin at the original center so that I could rotate around the center in edit mode as it is shown in the screengrab in the object mode.

I followed your instructions, thanks for those, but the cube still rotates in the edit mode around it’s own center of mass as you can see in the edit mode side.

Thank you for your reply…very much appreciated. Maybe I wasn’t clear or I didn’t quite understand your directions.

Pivot around the 3d cursor (select from the list or use shortcut . (period key)

Thanks…when I hit the period key before, nothing happened…no menu appeared. I am on my iPad replying to this but will try again later.

EDIT: Works great…but I still do not get that menu to appear when I hit the (.) period hotkey. But nice to know where the menu is. Thanks again…

The period key (not the one on the numeric keypad) does not bring up the menu. It just switches the pivot point to the 3D cursor directly.

I am on a small Bluetooth keyboard with the Wacom Cintiq Companion…and I do not have a numpad. So I have been using the period key…but for some strange reason I get no response from the program.