How Do I Set Properties for my add_mesh Addon?

First of all, I would like to state that I have a decent amount of experience in Python, but no experience with the bpy module.

I’m trying to make an addon that adds a mesh with multiple variable properties. I’m using the “addon_add_object” template to do this, which uses the FloatVectorProperty function for the variable “scale”.


I’m trying to use the IntProperty functions to define two of my own variables, “levels” and “seed”. Apart from that, I have made no other changes to the script.

So I have two questions: First of all, how do I access the user-input values for these properties? Second, how do I make these properties show up in the operator panel?

Again, please keep in mind that I am an absolute beginner when it comes to bpy.

You need to add both ‘UNDO’ and “REGISTER’ to your bl_options set for the operator.

the addon_add_object template already has bl_options set to those values by default, and I have not changed them.

See the python editor’ s template menu. There are examples that will adress your issues.

Thanks for the help, I found the template “”, and figured it was a more relevant example than “addon_add_mesh”.