How do I set up a light reflection probe for a moving vehicle?

I have a long road and a rocket car I want to animate in EEVEE.
When lighting up the model I would add a light probe so that the road would glow from the rear rockets.

But If I put that same probe and scale it for the entire road the rocket car travels through but there is no reflections on the road.

How do I have to approach the light probes so that a moving glowing object emit everywhere it goes properly?

Why not “parent” your two objects?

Select first the “RefectionProbe” then the “car” > CTRL+P

That is the first thing I tried and it didn’t work.
The glow stays when the vehicle moves, it just stays where the probe has been baked in the first place.

Maybe I don’t quite understand what you want to achieve !! :thinking:
But for me, parenting the probe and the car works perfectly…
…Of course you have to correctly adjust the size of the “Probe” according to your camera …


FRAME 100:

I want to do exactly what you just showed but I’m probably not using the right box?

My probe box has a bunch of dots inside a cube.
This is at frame 12, notice the glow staying back where it started.

In my example, I use a ReflectionPlane (not Reflection Cubemap)… because here I only wanted to reflect the rear lights on the road.

I want to achieve a glow on the road and at the rear of the car.
For the entire animation for about a kilometer as the camera follows the vehicle.
Using EEVEE.
Methods I tried and it didn’t work:

  1. Scale a light probe to the entire kilometer of the road. Bake then render.
  2. Parent the light probe to the vehicle. Bake then render.

That is what I’m trying to do and need help to understand why it doesn’t work and how it should work.

Looks like you have an irradiance volume as light probe for indirect light. It can’t be animated yet if the meshlight itself is moving, see Eevee Indirect Lighting in the manual:

As of now the light cache is static and needs to be computed before rendering. It cannot be updated per frame (unless via scripting). This limitation is being worked on and will be removed in future versions.

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I guess for now I’ll attach a few spot lights with the same color to fake it.
Thanks for the answer.

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