how do I set UV to mirror?

I have a helmet with a one way visor on it, In 2.49, I set a reflexive map texture on the visor and set the UV setting to mirror, so it looks like mirrored, but I dont have to get a real good computer rig to do actual reflexions.

now in 2.57… i cant find the setting… help me! where is it?

In your texture tab, look in Mapping. From “Coordinates” select “Reflection”.

I cant find it, where is it? :C

anyone? I cant render out this scene untill I figure it out!

Here it is:

Here is an example:


Mirrorexample.blend (519 KB)

That’s a very nice example file, two comments though:
The reflection mapping wraps angular maps better than latlong panoramic images, looking at the reflection of the example file you posted, it seems like the same “object” was reflected twice, and judging by the angles only at a 45 degrees distance. If the reflections are very clean and easy to study, you should convert latlong panoramas to angluar maps / fisheye projections, where appropriate.
For the reflection maps, the add blend is physically more “correct” than multiply, since reflections are light photons that bounces off the surface, and therefore the light should be the diffuse color plus the reflection. Multiply, while giving a perfect mirror, makes no sense since reflection maps should not subtract any colors from the object. If the clean perfect mirror look is something one would like to strain for, it’s as simple as reducing the diffuse color to a dark color, “letting through” more reflective light.

I hope you don’t mind, but I made those two edits to your example file:

Mirrorexample-2.blend (710 KB)

I feel so stupid… I still cant get it to work! I unwrap the object, then apply a teture, then I add the material like the file suggests… and it still doesnt work!

If it’s a reflective texture you want to apply, you don’t need to uv-unwrap the mesh for the reflection. Perhaps it would be easier for us to help if you posted your blend file here. Just remember to pack the textures within the blend file (File -> External Data -> Pack into .blend file)! :wink: