How do i share a folder on my cpu to another cpu....


i know this sounds like it has nothing to do with blendergames, but it does

i want to know how to share a folder on my computer with another computer say my friends computer over the internet.

i want to do this because it is possible to make “LAN games” with blender by saving info to a text file and loading info from the same textfile from another player… say a characters position. if i can share a folder with a friend and we can both read and write from/to it… we can make multiplayer onlines games :D… i’m pretty sure its possible… just not sure how at the moment

I’m think that’s a pretty unique way to approach a problem like that, but I don’t think that’s the way to do it. I’m not a blender games programmer but in a normal application you have a client and a server and they talk through sockets. So if one player needs to know the position of the other player it can make a request to the ‘server’ application for the position. But a better way to do it is for the server to send a change in position every time a movement is made. Good luck!

it isn’t worth the effort to do it over the internet [firewall port forwarding, special software, stuff], but doing so on a lan is trivial

right click on the folder, go to properties, and mess with stuff on the sharing tab

depending on your version of windows and configuration of windows you may have to enable folder sharing in system properties, folder properties, or network properties.

you can right-click on a shared folder as found in “my network places” or “network negiborhood” and choose map network drive or similar to mount a remote folder as a drive [like a new Q drive or something]

And you have to tell you friends your ip address each time you connect to internet. Cause i guess your provider gives you a dynamic ip adress.

And give access rights to your shared folder (small security) !

hey, thanks for the responses…

so do i make sure i am sharing a folder over an internet IP address? the same way as i would on a network?

ei, just righ click the folder go to properties, share…

i “think” that only works for networks though?

internet IS a “network” :smiley:
But be carefull, sharing a folder on internet is a wide security breach :frowning:
And a lot of scripted tools are used by “pirats” to find shared folders.

I would strongly suggest looking into doing it another way. When I was first programming in vb about 8 or 9 years ago I created a chat program that used a text file to communicate. Its just so limmited, unsecure, and I wish now that I would have looked into sockets earlier. Just my 2 cents. :smiley:

Smae here, made a vb chat program and got my comp wreked…
Be carefull

And make sure you have an image at hand of a clean system installation.
It will get hacked for sure. Use a separate machine. There are enough ppl like
you, they are just scanning for them. Good luck!

I think you may have to do something called a chmod. In your FTP client, I think you should change the value to, uhhh…I don’t remember…I think it was 888, but if not, that might screw something up. I know with cuteFTP it lets you chMod by right clicking the folder. The value is in hex. Internet explorer has an FTP client built in, but I don’t know if that is good enough, you can set folder permissions in the properties…And you will need to set up your computer as a server if you want to transfer information, which Belnder might do, but probably not… I don’t even know what I’m talking about.

And files are not the thing that you need for over-the-net games. Check out networking protocals and stuff like that…Writing and reading from files is too slow, and very primative…But I’m no expert on networking, so don’t take it from me.

Ok buddy,

If you are using Windows, here’s what you gotta do:
First, you should have a Cable or DSL sonnection to the internet… Using a dail-up service will make this more difficult than it needs to be.
If you have a cable or DSL connection, go to
Read everything on that site…especially tips for security. But, for starters, we’re going to read “The Guide” to learn how to setup the server. Now sip some tea, that’s alot of reading!

Now we install our server software, the website talks about installing the Apache Server on its own, but its better for us to go to to get the latest PHPdev download. It installs and configures your server for you. If you want to do all of this manually, you can go here

You decide :slight_smile:

Now lets leave DSLwebserver (we’ll be back) and go to to setup a temporary webpage for the next step, registering a domain IP Address.

After you do that. Drink some more tea and chew some kola nuts. Take a break; Tell your folks you love them; relax.
Now refer back to to configure your WAN IP address. That’s how your friend will reach you on the internet. Once you discover your WAN IP Address, write it down and go to either:

to register for a domain name or IP re-director. The DSLwebserver site should have options listed too.


Set-up all of your security options NOW. Do not start the server until you are satisfied that your box (CPU) is secure.

When you are finished, start the server and launch your page and test, test, test. Try to break yor server using the browser. Do anything imaginable from the browser.

Is all stable? Good. Now you can tell your friend and let the games begin.

Also you may want to look at the Kaillera project for LAN gaming. Study how the emulators on the site work.
Download and study the Kaillera client SDK v0.9 (32kb).

If you need more info, PM me. That goes for anybody.