How do I smooth out this mesh?

How do I make it so that this mesh looks like a completely smooth cyilinder with no seams or edges?

I checked “render as smooth” for the faces, but you can still see the seams.

Also, here’s the file if you think you can fix it.!Ansq7V5Mt2BrauyPdsRolWbbCyQ

Smooth shading needs to be controlled so it doesn’t apply the shading over high angle edges, but cuts it at those edges. That one is done with auto smooth, with only the angle setting, or also with edges that are manually marked as sharp.

Making a surface turn and have it look smooth without a cut in the shading means helping the shading by adding more geometry, so that there’s no single high angle edge. The turn is distributed over multiple edges and faces, each having a much smaller angle than the original.

After seeing the file, looks like it has almost all conceivable problems.

Unapplied object scale on all objects, the hands also have negative scale. Ctrl+A -> scale to apply. The model has stored custom normals, which would override auto smooth angle if it were on. Clearing those will allow give auto smooth controls back.

The mesh is messy with n-gons which are also concave and non-planar. The round forms aren’t round, but more geometry was added and the new loops are on a flat surface, making the form faceted.

I’m not fixing that, some attempts can be made to hide the crimes but that also requires work.
Rabbot_ja12.blend (210.1 KB)

Yea, like JA12 said, it needs more geometry. Here is a guide I found on modeling for smooth geometry. I just glanced over it. I don’t think it says anything that JA12 hasn’t said, but ill link to it anyway.

If you need it, here is the blender manual entry for auto-smooth. Oh, and that is a character from aqua teen hunger force. I think it was in the first episode.

Hi, I ended up fixing the issues with the model as a form of practice. Here is the blend:

Rabbot.blend (812.9 KB)