How do I speed up my computer?

I create files for print, so I have a lot of polygons that have to be smoothed, displaced etc. What can I do to help with the computing power as I have reached the limit on a few files. I have a Quadro 600 graphic card, i7 processor, 8 gigs of ram and win 7 64 bit.

I have already asked this, but as I did not get an answer, was hoping that by rephrasing I might get some feedback.

Thanks in advance,

well if you are not able to render the scene then it might be because your graphic card runs out of vram.
For blender it is recommended to buy the GTX series of nvidia as it give more speed and power to blender plus it cost’s less then the production quadro cards.

Take a look at the GTX 560 or GTX 580 for really speeding the rendering part of blender and buy more vram in your graphic card.
If you need to smooth and displace a lot of polygons then going for a 3-4 gb card would be the only way for your computer to handle it.

The obvious answer is to get better hardware. What hardware that is will depend on what the trouble is exactly.

Are you trying to speed up render or viewport performance?

If you mean render speed then which render engine do you use?

Are you encountering slow display or trying to speed upsimulations?

Al of those can lead to different advice for pin pointing the most efficient way to speed up your system.

Sorry, should have been more clear. The files that I create are to be printed on a 3D printer, meaning that rendering does not enter into it at all. Where I run into trouble is if I am using displacement and have to subdivide a lot in order to get a clean line. Or any time I have to subdivide.

Thanks for your answers and I hope that this clears it up a bit.

So you’re after better viewport performance?
Then the Quadro600 is/was a waste of money to begin with.

Blender does not benefit from the Quadro features, and on top of that it’s even crappy compared to other quadros and quite expensive.

GPU Passmark Scores:
Quadro 600, 170 USD, Score: 685
Quadro 6000, 3700 USD, Score: 3411

If you want a fast viewport, depending on if you need CUDA or not either get:

For fast viewport and fast CUDA usage to render: GTX 580 3GB.
For fast viewport and possible fast future CUDA: GTX 680.
For fast viewport: Radeon HD7950 or better HD7970.

To show up the relations, a GTX680 would be the fastest single GPU card currently available.
Compared to your Quadro 600 it costs 2.7 times more, and is 8 times faster.

And if you have high poly models, you need lots of memory, also be sure to have an OpenMP Blender build.

Great! Thanks a lot!