How do I stop my player from moving when it collides with a block and not move inside it

I am trying to learn how to use UPBGE 0.30. As part of this process I am trying to make a Minecraft clone.

The problem that I am having is that I am trying to setup player movement and collision with blocks. I have my player and block in the world. The player has character physics type set and I am using simple motion to move the player and character motion to make the player jump. The reason I am using simple motion is because it allows me to move my player in the same way you can move in Minecraft and other games where as character motion only allows you to move in one direction at a time.(I am just using logic bricks. I have not gotten into the python coding yet.)

The problem is that when I use simple motion to move my player will move inside the block when it collides and then the game engine will push my player to the top of the block. If I use character motion then this will not happen and the player will stop moving when it collides with the block. But as I said, character motion does not allow me to move my player properly.(The charaqcter motion only moves the player from one keyboard input at a time. So I cant hold down the W key and SPACE BAR at the same time to make the player walk and jump. I am only able to walk or jump with character motion.)

How do I get my player to not move inside of the block when it collides or at the very least, make the player get pushed back out from the side that it entered on rather than being pushed up to the top of the block?

Is it by chance a problem with the logic bricks and I need to write a python script for moving my player?

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hope this is not too late, if you want to use the dynamic physics to setup a character you can use one radar sensor to detect any or only specific objects close to your chara then block its movement if the sensor find something, also for a minecraft auto jump feature you can set two new empties one just a little above the height of one cube and another at half of the height of a possible third cube to detect with radar sensor aswell if you can trigger one autojump, so if the two empties return no object and the sensor on the player box detect one + your key forcing against it then it add a +Z force to make it go up automatically.