How do I switch UV channel in UV Editor from, for example, from Face to Torso?

I need to export my Torso material UV layout, but it’s stuck on the face. I have a mesh with multiple uv channels: Face, Torso, Legs, Arms, etc.

It’s currently on the Face channel. How do I switch to the other UV channels to the right of the first one, so I can export the UV layout?

When I export the UV layout, it only exports the face. I have no idea how to export the other channels.

Move it over into the 0,1 range?

Hi gvee, welcome to our Blender community, I’m not sure I understand you correctly. You choose the UV channels here: Select Object Data Properties> UV Maps> camera symbol (only one at a time).

Under UVMaps I only have one UVMap. There is no hand, foot face, etc.

So in order to export a UV layout of other material groups, I have to create a UV map? I don’t understand. The OBJ has the UV data in it, why do I need to create a map?

try using udims:

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O.k. you search for udim’s with @weekend you’re on the right way

Guys. I don’t need udims. I need to export a UV layout of all channels. When I click Export UV Layout, it should give me an option to export all UV channels.

SOLUTION: I ended up exporting the OBJ to another 3d program and from there I was able to easily export the UV layouts of all channels. Any 3d program can export UV layouts of all channels quickly and efficiently when you click it’s export option (except blender, which makes this process extremely difficult and cryptic).

Now it seems you mean this addon you have to activate under preferences. Simply search for uv in search bar.