How do I take full screen dos screenshots?

I have a nifty little dos program here that is my C++ project.
It only runs in fullscreen in the “16-bit MS-DOS Subsystem”, so if I press Prnt scr, it gives nothing.

How do I take these screenshots? Photographing my screen seems to be the only option.

Wkipedia says:

As of Windows XP (or any version based on Windows NT), it is no longer possible to take screenshots of full-screen DOS windows without other software.
I haven’t found any “other” software that claims to do this. But then who ever uses DOS these days.

Edit: Maybe it works in win98. So if someone has it, can you try doing it for me?

i have windows 95 on an old pc. maybe i could try dos screenshots for you.

Well, if it is a true DOS system (not windows CMD) you might find something that will work for you here. If it is a windows CMD window, trythis.

Hope that helps.

GIMP can take pictures of a shell window. If you set it to snap off the entire screen after a certain amount of time, it will rip anything full screen.

Maybe try using DOSBox instead of the windows shell. Then you can take screenshots with it:

DOSBox website:

Great suggestion superx10! I love dosbox.

You can also get VMware or the free virtualbox, and try making your own virtual machine with this:
Then screenshot , and developing will be really easy for you :smiley:

DOSbox is easier to setup.

Have you tried Camtasia?

If worst comes to worst, and you must use a camera pointed at your monitor, be sure to take a long exposure of 60 seconds or so to prevent lines from the screen refresh from showing up. That’s what we did in the DOS days before screen capture was invented. Though with a flat screen, you may not need to.

Thank you guys!!
I used DOSBOX to run it in XP and it gave me decent resolution screenshots.
I’ll give all you guys some credit in the “acknowledgment” (though no one reads it)
I’ll sign off with a screenshot of xcos x which i’ll have on the front page.

By the way do you know of any other good looking functions?

Anyways. Cheers!!!