How do I texture a room to render as line-drawn for a comic?

Ken Akamatsu of Negima created a 3D background for his comic work- does any body know how to reproduce this effect in Blender?

What exactly are you looking for? Is it the setting that draws a black line around the objects to make it hand-drawn? If so, under Render buttons (f10), select edge in the output tab.
Always glad to help,

That is effective, but I was hoping to have lines of sharp edges drawn inside the object as well. Basically to make it look like an architectural drawing in perspective if possible.

But this helps a lot, if anything else I can use this thanks :slight_smile:

These two tutorials might help.
Sketch style rendering with nodes and it’s companion, Pencil sketch rendering with nodes

Oh wow, that’s exactly what I was looking for, thanks!

Is it possible to control the thickness of the edges along the outer edges? If I’m doing a desk scene, a lot of small objects can become unnecessarily outlined harshly.