How do I upload an image?

That´s that. How do I upload an image?

This is a real Forum newbie question, ain’t it?

You have to upload it to your own webspace and then link to it. Once you have it on the web, just copy the URL into your post, highlight it, and click on the button that says ‘Img’.

upload it to my gallery if you wish

i provide free and easy web space for people if they need it (for images to display here)

there is an album that anyone can upload to and write a coment about.
it can then be hot-linked to here and displayed in posts.

feel free to refer the page to others here at elysiun too.

i can potentially give people their own album and a login if they wish


Sorry, but this forum is for posting artwork. Questions are to be asked in the various ‘question & answer’ forums.

Current policy is to lock offtopic posts