How Do I Use an MTL File That is Created with an OBJ File?

I noticed in the past that when I import and export object files, there also was a file that was created with an .mtl file extension. I realized tonight before looking the file extension up is that this is the object file’s material file. Does anyone know how to bring the material file into Blender so I can use it with the object file? I realize that with the material file, the object file has no texture. Does anyone have suggestions? :confused:

The importer read the mtl file if you import a obj file.
In most cases problems come from path problems not unicode signs in path (ß&~) or spaces in path.
Put all textures in the same folder as obj mtl and blend.
Open mtl in editor and look for errors in texture path.

CHeers, mib.

That may be what I did wrong mib. I didn’t have all of the files in the same folder. Once I get a chance, I do that and see how that goes. I’m hoping for the best. :slight_smile: