How do I use dynamic loading/freeing?

Hey everyone, I feel stupid when asking this question because everyone seems to know about this and I don’t :confused: I don’t know if it’s something really easy or something totally complicated because I have no idea how it works at the moment.

How do I use the dynamic loading/freeing that ideasman42 made on this thread: - edited, that’s the right link

I feel more like a noob than I usually do for asking this question :o

How do I patch it onto blender and how do I use it in the game engine?

Please I need help with this,

it is not in this thread, it is in this thread. It contains some videos

Oh, sorry, I linked to the wrong thing, I wanted to show the thread you just gave me. I re-looked through it and still I couldn’t find out to do it, I looked on the front page and looked at all the videos, but they all just show the progress that has been done. He tells you how it’s done, but he doesn’t say how to patch blender with it or how to use the .diff file, (the other one I saw was a .patch)

Dynamic freeing/loading is in Blender 2.53. Use bge.logic.LibLoad(), bge.logic.LibNew(), and bge.logic.LibFree(). Some API documentation is here:

cool, thanks Blendenzo :D, I guess I have to move to 2.5 now for everything to work better than they are now :slight_smile:


Or you build your own Blender 2.49 from trunk, which is post-2.49b. As far as I know it contains this change.