How do make accont in game and then it can log in

i now know how to do a multiplayer game but i dint know how do make a accont and loging.+it saves the accont data.

You’d have to query a database on a server somewhere.

Don’t forget to deal with security concerns in the process (encryption, SQL injection, backups, firewall, etc…)

My responce , but how would you package such an aplication, would have too have a direct connection to your databasse unless you do:

client --> database1 --> server logic --> database2 --> server logic --> --> database3 --> client

? :confused:…oh…i am using linux do linux can do it

You can connect to a server through TCP and run a server-side app that would take care of login and whatever else you keep on the server…

For Example:

  • MMORPG would keep track of things such as the player’s location, name, inventory, level and stats, skills, equipment
  • FPS would keep track of name, maybe rank, rating, kills, avg hit %, wins, losses, etc…
    Bottom line you’re going to need a database - one that’s designed extremely well (efficiency, security, etc…), and a server-side app that can keep things abstracted enough to keep your data safe. You’re going to have to sit down and devote research into database design, encryption techniques (probably MD5 for the login), and how you want the web traffic to be structured so as to balance out the load.

where i get it.?:D:D:D

homebrew m8

If not security problem and few users´, could use python and text file to hold account info on lokal lan, but still complex if not doning this before, but ja have to start some where, write again if ya need an example nix or dosa…

how long can that take?

That would be MySQL a opensource database:)

The database - yup, I’d probably recommend MySQL

The server-side app - you’ll hafta make it yourself based on what it is you’re trying to do.

could u make it a little more easy to understand cause i am so confused. sorry.

you need a database to store the information

you need a server application to talk to the client, get information from the database and give it to the client, and update the database as information changes

where i get the data…

You are the source of the data, like I said earlier…

This is the sort of stuff that you, as the creator of the game, would make up. You figure this out through design decisions - what you want to do with the game.

how long does that take anyway or can take?

depends on the complexity…hours, days, weeks…

im not good in python or somthing like that can somebody do me a .blend