how do move whit mouse .

how do move whit mouse like in online games (runescape , kal online …)?

I would do it somethnig like this:
When a player clicks, move an object to the point where he/she clicked.
Set the character to look at the object and give him some speed.
When he hit the object, make him stop.

as far as i know its not that easy

mouse sensor python commands

using these python commands and a little imagination you can get something like that.

here something i made

to move the camera

actually your wrong, it is easy and doable with LB

1.have the mouse show and have a cursor
2.have your character allways track to that cursor, but have it suspended
3.when you click have the suspension be taken away then the character will track to the cursor then when they collide have it stop and reapply the suspension.

OR easyier way of saying it

  1. when clicked for example a cube would appear and the character would track to that cube
    2.when the character collides with the cube the cube disapears and so stops the character tracking to anything and would stand where you want them.

python is not needed for any of this.
LB are more powerfull than people think.


um whats LB

(it probably something real simply right? like Left mouse Button)

LOL no its Logic Bricks

:smiley: haha :smiley: :eek:

but i still cant figure out how you do that with the logic bricks

god ok

  1. make the mouse show (python :D)
    2.have an empty parented to the mouse.
    3.have the empty add an object when the left mouse button is clicked.
    4.make the character track to these cubes
    5.when the character collides with the cubes the cube ends so ending the characters movement.

ok i take it back it does need a little python for:

making the mouse show (Easy)
making an empty follow the mouse (basicly like a cursor but an empty)

ahh thats were my problem is

2.have an empty parented to the mouse.

how do you parent stuff to the mouse

yea i edited my post check it :smiley:

basically get mouse position then set set postion of the empty locally to the camera with the xy coordinates of the mouse

i was hopeing there would just be a button that would do it:cool: LOL

Can somebody post me .blend file

lol yea there should be a “Track to mouse” button :expressionless:

if i could get the scripting to make the empty track to the mouse they yes i could post a .blend

i’ve been tring but i cant get it to work tried several way but can not get it to work
getting the camera blendto work was easier

Thats it are u looking for?

thats the one right there, it could do with some tweaking tho.