How do they make anime and other animations?

Do they still draw frame by frame or are there computer programs that let u make models, backgrounds and such. I want to make animations for fun, anime like quality, I know of flash but I don’t know of any other animation web/animation video making tools.

Aside from Blender, of course, there are any number of programs that help do animation. Do you know about TV Paint?

Are you kidding me? This is a forum dedicated to the best “animation web/animation video making tool” there is. How can you possibly be taken seriously? I can only assume this is spam.

If I’m wrong, then get Blender, go through a couple of beginner tutorials, and let your jaw drop.


lol i believe he means an actual ANIME…you know, japanese art…and in blender you can do that :smiley: it just takes a little work "D

Well, I was trying to be nice. Since the OP mentioned things like “drawing” and “flash”, it seems to me he/she isn’t looking for a 3d animation program. I love Blender, but it’s not for everybody. :slight_smile:

lol so true :smiley:

ANIME = slaves working for the mothership getting paid peanuts. But Japanese love animation so they will put up with it. Google how awful that industry is to their worker bees in Japan. Not all that’s cracked up to be.

look up edge control if you want to do a 3d style anime, like the naruto games

Anime is largely produced in RETAS (Revolutionary Engineering Total Animation System) Studio. which is a Vector drawing/and paint based animation system. It’s also common to have AE, Photoshop, and Illustrator in the pipeline. As Chillyguess said though, It’s not a job I’d recommend. Get paid next to nothing and work ridiculous hours.

Actually there are a few professionally done 3D animes. Check out appleseed and ghost in shell (funimation and aniplex). Or if you are looking for a quick free software for 2D, I suggest Pencil.