How do toy get "this" look?

There is this style of really stylized 3D render where you know it when you see it. Something like these where it looks really “bubbly” and toy like I guess I don’t really know how to describe it but you know it when you see it.

Artist: Paul Chambers

Artist: Julien Kaspar

Does anyone know how to do this? (Preferably in eevee)

Edit: From all the replies I think I defently messed up what I was trying to say, I was talking along the lines of the texture and materials used not the mesh

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A simple way may be to model them reasonably normal then use alt+s to inflate them slightly, certainly for the house I could see that method working.

One part is style, something your 3d app won’t help you with. For the rest there is a good explanation in the video.

Here. I banged this out in about 10 minutes. It’ll give you a simplified, more specifically tailored example of what Xortag’s video illustrates above, and how to set up the procedurals to produce the desired texturing.

BubblyTree.blend (687.8 KB)

maybe less gloss, and use of light colors?