How do you ACTUALLY PURGE unused data?

I’ve gone into blender file mode and used the Purge button.
I’ve deleted all scenes, all view layers, and all objects.
I have restarted blender and opened several other scenes and then opened the scene in question.

When I make a new material and add an image texture I still see a list of all the images that used to be utilized in this file. How do I make them go away?

In the outliner, change the Display Mode to “Blender File” .
Expand the Images section and you can RIGHT CLICK > DELETE them.

I did that. The image file names are all still present in the drop down menu of image texture nodes in the material editor.

Did you try Purge All?

Yes I tried that. The image file names are all still present in the drop down menu of image texture nodes in the material editor.

I also use Atomic but I guess it’s not so different from the methods you tried already.

I discovered in another old file I downloaded from blendswap that sometimes things don’t show up as “orphaned data” because they are used by an object that exists in the “blender file” data but that object is not a part of any scene or collection or view layer. I can drag the object to the current view layer and see it in the viewport but when I delete it it remains a part of the “blender file” data so there is no way to really purge that object or its materials or its textures. :crying_cat_face:

I downloaded a bunch of files from blendswap that contained things I might find useful and many of these files are VERY SMALL in terms of what useful thing they have in them but their file size is VERY VERY VERY BIG because of some highpoly object or packed HDRI file that isn’t even used for anything but is impossible to “purge”. I’ve spent the last hour trying to clean up a file containing only 6 procedural textures but it was 58 megabytes in size.

At first i thought the object they were using to showcase the materials were too high poly so I replaced them with Monkeys that all shared the same mesh data and set the material data to be stored at the object level instead of the mesh level. That did NOTHING to reduce the file size. There’s a .EXR file on a material on a plane with 20,000 faces in the blender file data that I cannot find a way to delete. There are also 3 copies of the material showcase object with thousands of faces each that I cannot find a way to delete.

It is a bit insane how tightly Blender holds onto old textures. The best I know of to truly get rid of it is by opening it in the uv editor. holding shift and clicking the X (Delete) button. repeat for several images, open in the uv editor, shift X button. Then save the blend, close the blend entirely, open it back it up and they’re gone.

Did you confirm if your textures or whatever are not markes as fake user? This is an often used resource too keep in the file textures that the user want to keep in the file even when there is no object or material connected to it.

I already said that I never had any problem purging files in Blender and that topic always comes back.

Can you send a blend file with the problem so we could inspect? I also often download models from Blend Swap and no problem here.

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Yes, there are no fake users. The problem was that there are objects in the file that are not a part of any scene or view layer and putting them in a scene and view layer did make them appear in the 3d viewport but deleting them from the 3d viewport did not actually erase the data from the file. I had to right click on the item in the outliner in “blender file” mode and delete them from there. Sometimes it would work. Sometimes it would not. Sometimes it seems I have to add the object to a scene and view layer first before deleting it from the outliner would actually work. My memory is fuzzy about it but sometimes it seems the images would STILL BE in the dropdown lists in the shader editor even after opening 20 other files and then going back to the one in question. They only finally disappeared after I restarted blender.

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Download this, and you will find your problem much easier to solve. :grinning:

I just struggled with something, which I think was caused by this - if true, I think it’s very bad the program can’t keep track of what’s being used and what’s not.

In my case, I had something that shouldn’t even exist, affecting my rigid body sim: Blender is busting my b*lls

Purge all did nada.

So many times I’ve opened an old file and thought a random empty was not being used by something. It turned out it was being used by like 2 constraints, and as a depth of field target on 3 cameras and as a copy location in Z constraint and as the origin of several mirror modifiers and controlling the rotation of the HDRI via drivers… surely Blender should be able at leat to warn me that things are using the object I’m about to delete. Would be even better if it could tell me exactly what is using it and how.

It’s one thing if an item exist in the scene/outline and another, if you have to dig for stuff you had deleted, in places like Orphan Data - with the first, I don’t put too much blame on the software if there’s no warning when I delete something other things depend on but the program should be able to do behind the scenes stuff on it’s own.

… and then, on top of all that, the deleted stuff can still affect the scene. That’s a serious bug or an oversight.