Blender is busting my b*lls

I’ve been so frustrated over the past couple of days (again) while working with rigid body physics. My first thought was it might be caching related - but something about it seemed off.

I think I now know what but not exactly why - I think blender doesn’t handle data well (do correct me if I’m wrong) and confuses itself, which lead to this issue - there’s nothing else in the scene than what you are seeing:

Purging didn’t help and after I manually cleared out orphaned stuff, it finally worked as expected - but why exactly didn’t it work? Is there anything in particular I should be aware of, so I don’t run into this again?

Another problem: I can’t bake the rigid bodies to keyframes without issues: all objects will inherit the same animation after the bake.

I’m using instances but that shouldn’t be the cause of the issue as they works perfectly fine, whenever I do a test setup in a new scene. This particular scene is my main scene I’m working on, being stripped down.

Would anyone care to have a look?

troubleshoot.blend (2.4 MB)

w00t?! I got baking to work after using Make Single User.

But the confusion remains - how come it just works when I create a new scene but with this one, I had to apply a command first?