How do you align an object to another object matching rotation/transform and scale ?

How do you align an object to another object matching rotation/transform and scale ?

Remember this question not about how to snap vertex, faces or edges, not about any of that.

It’s about object to object.

make it as children

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Hello RickBlender, I am not talking about control+p here, that’s linking/parenting.

I am talking alignment.

Example you have a box at a certain location, with a certain rotation and certain scale.

I want another object to align to that object so that the object will have the box’s position, rotation AND scale.

It’s super easy to do inside 3DS Max.
This is the 3DS Max align dialog, super easy !

well you can go to panel on the right for transform and copy and paste attributes to the other object!

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or see this thread

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Cool. Just learned a couple of things from that thread I never knew. Thanks!

If the instructions were not clear. Remember the first object selected is “selected”. Then shift select another object and that becomes “active”. So you want to make the rotated and translated object the active (or target transform) for the selected object. In short no matter how many objects you select, the last one is always active. So you could do this with more than one object at a time.

So with this in mind the right click menu is clear “copy all (channels) or single (channels) to selected”. Which applies to rotation and translation as well as scale.

The descriptions on about the “Copy Attribites” addon seem pretty clear. I did not even know about that one. But you will find it in the 3D View menu of the addons.

That one is fairly elegant.

The other 3p addon seems to do it in one step.

But there are also more options. More complex but good to know.

You can add a “copy transforms” constraint to the object and use the target object as a source and simply ctl a to “apply visual transforms”. Then delete the constraint.

There are many situations you will find yourself in.

Here is another option that can work good for some cases.

Select the object as the target. Go to “Transform Orientations” and add a new transform orientation. Then select that from the list.

Then in the Object/Tranform menu choose “Align to Transform Orientation”

There are a few more tricks here as well. I feel a new video coming along. to put this all together.