How do you avoind stretching in the human unwrap?

I mark the seams then select the areas and then use unwrap|unwrap.

Because the body is so round, The hair, comes out curved. If I then move the faces so the top matches the front on the image, then the image gets scewed in the 3d viewer.

The uv cords get pulled off. So what is the best way to do this, so you dont scew the uvs and you get your faces to line up for the hair/bangs/whatever?

Also, I watched a video and noticed that in the uvimage editor (is there an abreviation for that?) UVIE? they were clicking on a point and dragging it.

Meaning they didnt have to use the B-B circle select to select all points in that place. How is that done? It would be so much faster to just point and click and get all the points there.


Today, blender rocks.:smiley:

What you can do is to take a point in the UV unwrap, select it and pin it by pressing P. It will turn red. Take a few points and pin them where you want them, and then unwrap again. The new unwrapping will leave those points in place and recalculate the rest of the mapping. This can give you more control over how the resulting maps turn out. The mapping calculation is just the best possible given the pinning constraints, though, so if you pin too many points you’ll get distortion.

Thanks for that…

I have seen many tutorials for 3dmax, but none for blender.

You know, wheres the best place to seam, for the least distortion, etc.

I guess the best places to seam are either places that are hidden and don’t get seen much or else places where materials change. Also, I think you want to think about how close the pieces are to being flat. For example, cutting off a hand at the wrist leads to a pretty drastically flattened squashed glove-like shape, whereas cutting around the edges of the fingers leads to a much more naturally flattened shape. The tradeoff is that you’re more likely to have visible seams, so you have to be careful.

ok, thanks again. I will try pinning i guess, never used it. Read a little about it in the wiki.

for the 3dmax ones it shows them cutting the head down the middle. I cut down the middle top, and the bangs separate…but I get that line at the bangs, only on one side now, but there is stretching in places after I moved them togther…
Perhaps it will be covered up, but if it wasnt, then… i dont know. I would think there would be an easier way…

sorry for asking so many noob questions, just havent gone this far on a character before… mostly just give a color in materials and ignore the rest.

Hey, you could always try the: UV -> Minimize Stretch. Select your UV’s, and go Ctrl+V for a shortcut. It will reduce the amount of uneven faces in the final Face layout. It doesn’t get rid of seams, but it really helps.

thanks, will look into that.