How do you compose action music?

I’ve been composing horror music but I want to explore another genre

I try to record instruments, tweak them with audio editing software and add them to a synth. I then make a music with those odd sounding instrument samples, all 96khz each!

I even created my own musical genre for these it is “Xperimental”.

“Action music” usually consists of several overlapping themes, all of which are “in your face,” most of which need to be timed or synchronized to some kind of action.

Start by watching the sequence in question, and just hammer-out whatever comes to your mind. “Just keep grabbing ‘takes.’”

Two (probably-) key points to “try to write something for”:

  • “What’s about to happen.” In other words, foreshadowing. The bad-guy’s about to say “Boo!” Make the audience feel it before it comes.
  • “Run like hell!” The sequence takes off like a winged mammal from a hot place and ricochets this-way and that, but it also foreshadows the coming relief, when The Hero (and the Buxom Sidekick) peer around the corner and struggle to catch their breath.

Thanks for the tip.

ask Hans zimmer

I messaged him on his Facebook account and as I expected, no replies.