How do you create more realistic-looking water?

I know how to create fluid now, but it looks very cheesy.
I searched around and found two buttons.


I guess that has to do with the quality of the water.
And I guess the preview… is just for the preview/clip…
so the Final one is the important one.

My resolution tab can go up to 1024
but it says it will bake 100.2GB.
What does that mean?
Does that mean my file is going to be 100.2GB?


The biggest issue usually is the timing - there’s a Time > start/end which represent seconds and that’s 1 second per 24-, 25- or 30 frames depending on your framerate. Also, check the ‘Domain Particles’ setting for extra droplets.

Andrew Price’s also got a good tut on it here: Create a realistic water simulation

Thanks for the tutorial.

You may also want to view Daniel Kreuter’s Fluid Sim settings video to save time when experimenting with settings.*

Another thing to remember is that the fluid sim is terrible for small / closeup simulations as it can’t do surface tension/ capillary action so there will never be a positive miniscus (like the way milk crawls up the side of the glass a little)

Yeah that was my doubt… how to make water slowly slide through the obstacle/domain, while small droplets are left in the way… this is how water works!

Funny how every blender fluid simulation out there, the water always slip freely through objects as if they were perfectly smooth. If you set the objects as no-slip the water gets stuck, so that is sad too.