How do you deal with your anxiety or depression during these uncertain times?

If you like being at your computer (to play games and make content on), then being forced by the state to adopt introverted behavior is far less jarring than someone who is always outgoing and is always being with other people. I like computer stuff so…

My area in the US has not been under a total lockdown since April, but that could change if the incoming leadership change on the federal level imposes one-size fits all and places 330 million people under house arrest. To force a total shutdown now could lead to ugly results with depressive episodes now seen in the majority of the population.

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Yeah, I guess what you did was a genuine move. Well, how’s life without television?

I still have my television but I haven’t used it for a long time ago. When I look around, I feel like my TV is just a decoration in my house. I’m not planning on throwing my things because I can’t afford to buy a new one, lol. Furthermore, in all honesty, life without TV is better, so much better.

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I watch anime and keep the dream alive of moving to Japan.

Covid is just starting to get a foothold in Japan though. They will likely see restrictions and lockdowns for a while even as it tapers off elsewhere due to a combination of the vaccines and herd immunity.

So you shouldn’t go yet.

Be your true self… be aware of amygdala! hijacking your mind
trick it instead: either go for a walk, move forward or apply a simple trick psychotherapists use - switch looking left & right

Fear, confusion, stress, angst… are means of the wicked to dismantle your faculties and make you ignorant, obedient…

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I have enough experience with depression and anxiety and I know how to deal with them.
I self-medicate with psychedelics.
I knew this winter could potentially be hard on me so I took lots of them in summer / fall on a weekly basis as a prophylactic and so far I hadn’t had one single day of depression / anxiety.
I am actually more stable and feel better than the last couple years when I did not self-medicate.

Disclaimer: It works for me, but I wouldn’t recommend it to other people, especially not those who have never done it.
There are certain risks involved not to mention that they are still illegal in most country’s.

Walking outside / exercise is definitely beneficial to your mental (and physical) health. Blender and / or other creative outlets are also a great remedy to stop ruminating thoughts. Once you get into a creative flow and really enjoy what you’re creating, you tend to forget depression and anxiety, which helps to solve those negative patterns of the complex mind. You need to get out of the vicious circle, and the best thing to do to achieve that is doing something that distracts you in a positive way, giving you energy instead of tiring you. Both taking a walk and creating gets you in a state of homeostasis and peace of mind. Also, eat and drink healthy. Unhealthy eating habits, drinking alcohol etc. also worsen depression and anxiety. Last but definitely not least, try to establish a stable sleep rhythm without interruptions. Sleep is essential to mental and physical health, and is disrupted by bad habits and stress.


Nature certainly helps me, walking in woods, mountains, beaches, observing animals, all relax my mind. I definitely feel at one with nature.

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Everyone experiences anxiety. Some people are plagued with anxiety and suffer daily from the symptoms that come along with it. It is a feeling of worry and affects the body mentally and physically. Are there natural remedies for this?

far as i know, you cant just “treat” anxiety with a pill or a plant. best that will do is suppress the symptoms. the real issue is psychological. you need to figure out how to choose not to be anxious.

this isnt a simple thing. you might need to seek professional help, but make sure they are really gonna help you, and not just jack you up on so much drugs you become oblivious. i dont trust shrinks.

I have lived with anxiety since I was a teenager. I went to the psychologist for years. What I learned and has worked well for me since then is:

  • If the anguish appears, something is not right. It is an alert from the subconscious.
  • I take the time to find the reason. Anxiety lessens just by finding it.
  • If it is in my power to solve it, I act, whatever it is. The anxiety disappears.
  • Otherwise, as there is nothing to do, I assume. The anxiety disappears.

No pills or other remedies. As Daedalus_MDW says that only softens the symptoms, it does not solve the problem.

Spending time with your people, talking to them, and being loved helps a lot.

I hope you find it useful.

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I’ve recently posted this advice regarding this matter.

Check out the rest of the thread as well. Lots of good advice.

Personally I listen to cruel cruel world and I go for a walk in the hills. Granted, I live in a beautiful place… but there’s always a way

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It is worth mentioning, however, that there can be “physiological causes” for feelings of anxiety – especially when you notice that you’re feeling them but you really aren’t sure why. The most important thing to do, I think, is to seek help from people whom you trust whose perspectives are (of course …) outside of your own.

“Mental health issues,” of any sort, and whether they be big or small, have the common characteristic that they are very difficult to deal with “from the inside.” You’re trying, first to recognize, then to deal with, something that is directly affecting you while you attempt to do so. The malady is therefore directly interfering with its own recognition and resolution. And, to make things even worse, it tempts you to “be ashamed of it.” You need to bear in mind that: (1) it could be “physical,” and (2) you need a (trained …) third-party perspective. Someone on the outside, looking in, while you are on the inside, looking out.

And perhaps most importantly: “No. You are not alone. You are not the first, nor the last.”

Our marvelous minds work on “voodoo chemistry,” where micrograms of this-or-that can make a difference. (Or: “an allergy to broccoli.”) Really, it’s pretty amazing that the damned things work at all. :smiley:


Good point, same applies to depression. If your life is in a good state, but suddenly you feel completely and royally effed up, something is wrong. If there is no underlying cause for this in your life (own behavior/failure/events) then it might be caused by neurochemical / metabolism problems.

The other thing I would like to mention is that everybody has the power to make themself depressed and anxious. You can program yourself in a negative way and the program becomes your default mode of thinking which then in turn changes the physical structure of your Brain. Not only can YOU program yourself, others can too, society tends to run countless programs to mould the population into shape.
Mental hygiene is a real thing and if you are in a bad mental state it is of the utmost importance.
I have found much strength and wisdom in the teachings of the Buddha.
Life is suffering. Suffering comes from emotional attachment. People tend to attach themself emotionally to the things they desire (make themself and their happiness depended on external things) as well as the desire to NOT encounter certain things (avoidance is the flip-side of attachment).

Avoidance of fear and suffering is not possible and tends to create more fear and suffering.
Accepting fear and suffering and being aware of the contents of your mind and not allowing yourself to fall into negative self-referential thought loops is the better solution.
Don’t think about your potentially bad future or the failures and regrets of the past - stay in the present, acknowledge and accept what is going on around you and then let it go. You just don’t entertain self-defeating thoughts - period. Why would you?
Combine this with breathing exercise and you have a counter-program that creates clarity of mind.
The letting go part is the most important, we humans have a paradoxical tendency to attaching ourself to our suffering and not letting it go which is really, really stupid.


I consider everything you can feel and experience physiological. I’ve always found it strange that people tend to separate body and mind. The body includes complex biochemical and bio-electrical processes, which can result in anxiety and depression. That’s why physical health improves mental health as well.


Try to sleep well, try to eat well, try to exercise, try to not take on too much stress, try to talk to people, try to work on things you’re passionate about, disconnect from any social media and/or internet that feeds you negativity or makes you anxious. Realize that some of your thoughts might be holding you back and it’s in your power to change those thoughts. I think that’s already quite a lot, but don’t take it as a burden, see it as a pathway towards a better tomorrow. It all starts from a simple step. One at a time.


I know it’s much easier said than done, but here are a few quotes that really help me when I’m experiencing anxiety or depression: