How do you do eyes properly?

I mean this is on a cartoon character. if you want to see it

I don’t understand how you do eyes properly.

So the way I have it done now, is just a uv texture.

I don’t think this is the right way to do it.

Like how would I animate the eye moving? Can you keyframe uv textures moving?
Also, if I hit apply, and try using the offset in textures, the eyes look in the opposite direction.

Surely there is a good way to do this
any ideas?

Try this tutorial:

yeah but those are real eyes, I’m trying to just move a texture

I don’t think real eyes would work properly for this model.

Like how would I animate a texture moving?

10char To not to read through comments - AnimAll is addon under Animation, check it.
There was another way where you had image sequence file, tiff can i guess, and then that was animated. No link, just google for it.

you could use keyframe to animate the eyes
but need to make real mesh for eyes with mat and textures
then it’s easy


that tutorial worked, thanks.
this will be rather tedious though lol