How Do You Edit A Skin( On A Model In Blender


New to blender and modeling.

I have been using gimp to change skins to league of legends.
However the skins are laid out in the texture(or what is is) dss file.

I’m hoping to edit both the shape of the model and the skin while they are on the model?
Can I make my own format of how the objects are laid out in the file afterwards?

Also I have applied a few pictures as skin in the game replacing the original .dds file and half of the objects I replace glow. The shape is right but the colors glow?

If there is a tutorial you could direct me to or if someone can tel me what I need to do I would appreciate it.

I don’t think blender supports .dds, but there are apps out there which can convert your .dds files to .jpg or .png. I am not sure about the emission issue, but you should be able to straighten it out in material / texture settings.

Blender loads dds images but does not save them. Gimp has tools for saving different dds types.
If you change image format in your game engine different things may happen - like one you see like glow.
You can change shape of your model; if you leave original textures these wont fit anymore, you need to create new ones and keep the same file format in order for game to work:

As you can see there is a bunch too choose from - you need to know what was used.