How do you fix damaged UVs from mirror modifier?

Image is pretty self explanatory. I don’t know why blender doesn’t make it easier to avoid this issue.


The questing is: how do you get there…? If this is one half of a model then the uv where projected from different views ? How should blender know…?
If you just wann re-mirror both set the 2D cursor to the middle and pivot point to 2D cursor, scale -1 on x
Maybe …MagicUV addon: UV Editor → UV → Select UV → Flipped

ok, flipping via the cursor is a good first step. That doesn’t recreate the original, but that’s probably not possible.

Is there an easy way to separate overlapping vertices in the UV map? Currently I have to select one half of the mesh… oh I could select the entire one side of the mesh and move everything by 1 whole UV space to get things seperated initially. UVPackmaster2 has separate overlapping islands, but these overlapping vertices are considered a single island.

Edit: Also, “select side of active” is an easy way to select half the mesh after selecting a middle vertex:

MagicUV also has a select overlay function…