How do you get Blender to remember this order?

I want to change the order of these shortcuts (the ones on the left hand size)

I want “recent” to be on top… but everytime I change this… Blender never remembers this for the next time and goes back to default

Is there a way to set this up so Blender remembers this?


…indeed this is somehow the crux of configurable GUI’s… sometimes you can configure until everthing is broken… and even if not the app has to write/read big conf files or store this all in the document… and the users complain about long loading times…

You can’t make blender to remember order or open / closed status of panels in this window (because it’s considered temporary window or some other technicality).

But you can prevent system / recent panels from showing up:

System is biggest and most annoying one, disabling it pushes recent panel up.

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You can make Blender “remember” closed panels by doing so in a default blend, then saving the blend as your startup blend.

thanks for your answers everybody

But saving it to the default startup blend doesnt seem to work for that particular window

It seems that reordering of any GUI elements also doesn’t reflect with an additional star ( * ) in the Blender Preferences: Save Preferences button…

Anyway: I’m not a friend of this reordering by accident… (did this sometimes (and still) in Gimp until i recognized how to put an unfloated panel back… had to delete the config before i found out… because it would be saved instantly… still annoying ) this should be specificly enabled and saved in the Prefs…

Maybe it was forgotten to implement ??